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Hello! My name is Lindsey Luna and I am the owner and massage therapist at Mind Body Massage. I am committed to helping people connect with better mental, physical, and spiritual health. I hope you are able to find something here that can help you in your personal health journey. Thank you for reading.

Join My Rewards Program Earn Free Massage!

Consistent massage provides the best results. We are continually using our bodies and experiencing ups and downs in our stress
levels as we live our lives day to day.

Maintaining a massage routine can help reduce our overall pain, tension, and stress levels which helps make our lives better.

We all know and feel the benefits of massage but a lot of times life gets in the way. Our schedules get busy and usually our self care is one of the first things we all let go and of course it’s during one of the times we need it most.

Part of my goal at Mind Body Massage was to provide quality care and service for all of my clients that also provided something extra. While I provide hot towels and essential oils upon request at no extra charge I felt there was something more I could provide.

This is where my rewards program comes in. I wanted to provide a way to not only say thank you for choosing my business but to also provide an incentive for you to really take your self care routine seriously.

Every dollar you spend equals a point that can be saved and cashed out for free massage and treatment add-ons. There will also be opportunities to earn double points to help you earn your rewards faster. Like for your birthday you earn 2x the points on your first visit during your Birthday month.

Join by downloading the Loyalzoo app from your Apple or Android phone and checking into Mind Body Massage or sign up at your next appointment.

(Points do not have a monetary value.)

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