Types of Massage At Mind Body Massage

Swedish Massage:

Incorporates long fluid relaxing strokes. This modality is typically lighter addressing knots and tissue adhesions with gentle strokes or circles.

Deep Tissue:

This modality addresses the deeper muscles of the body and requires a firmer pressure than a Swedish. After the tissue is warmed up I increase my pressure and move into the deeper muscles and address the knots and adhesions. This modality may be uncomfortable at times, especially if our goals are to address a pain complaint, but it should never hurt so bad that you stop breathing or recoil. I want you to have the most beneficial treatment so I am always taking care to not use too much pressure so that tension can release with out causing any unnecessary pain or inflammation.

Trigger Point Release:

Trigger points are knots in the tissue that refer pain to other areas of the body. Some pain complaints are related to trigger point activity. Trigger points are released through compression of the trigger point. They are typically tender, but the pain subsides very quickly after releasing them.

Orthopedic Technique:

I learned orthopedic technique through continuing education. It incorporates a variety of massage techniques and assessments to address various musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Postural assessment:

When you come in to see me you probably have no idea that I am looking at your posture. I’m checking your shoulders your neck and even how your body moves to notice if there is any restriction or guarding. I notice any external or internal leg rotation which could be caused by tight muscles in the legs and hips. All of this alerts me to possible areas of tension so that I know where to spend a little more detailed work because your body needs it there.


Not all massage is relaxing. Some massage is meant to be stimulating such as sports massage. In my office my goal is to provide relief of pain, tension, and stress. My experience shows that focusing on relaxation helps reduce pain, tension, and stress easier because instead of fighting and forcing the body to let go of tension, relaxation allows the body to do it in it’s own time, which ends up being quicker then forcing it.

Heat Therapy:

Heat feels fantastic as it warms up the tissues and melts the tension. It’s great for relaxation, tension relief, and increases blood flow.

Hot Stone:

Hot stone is a type of heat therapy that incorporates heated basalt rocks as part of the massage.


Smells can create positive emotional responses when incorporated into massage or even daily life. I offer aromatherapy free of charge upon request to add to your massage experience. I have a variety of scents to suit anyone’s preference.

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